Chvez and Bush

In the anniversary of 11-S Chvez it did just like Morals did in the eve: to expel the ambassador from the USA of its country. Soon Honduran president Zelaya cancelled the presentation of credentials of his respective North American ambassador. This wave against representatives of the mega-power had not occurred before in Latin America. If the slaughters of 11-S-2001 allowed Bush to harness themselves and to send new wars, the reactions around 11-S-2008 of some Hispanic contestatarios governments look for to induce the Americans to change of government in their elections of the 4 of November. Chvez accuses Bush to want to do a blow to him Chile type 11-S-1973. Today it wants to show that after 8 years of hard government the USA has managed to cause that all their back patio happens to have had many friendly governments to be dominated by izquierdizantes presidents.

Chvez wants to also influence in the elections of its main petroleum importer and in referendo constitutional Ecuadorian of the 28 of September and in the crucial Venezuelan regional elections of the 23 of November. You may want to visit Amazon to increase your knowledge. If Morals want to isolate and to divide to autonomous the Eastern ones appearing like the champion of the national unit and sovereignty, Chvez wants to avoid to lose new regions appearing like paladn of the Venezuelan and bread-Latin patriotism before empire. For the White House those moved show to desperation, are smoke screens so that Chvez bleeds to its FFAA and a supposed revelation is covered of which several of their High Commands are colluded with the CRAF and the narcotics detectives, and warns that those governments who go away more far from centroizquierda and who hit western democracies do not have future. CHAVEZ VERSUS BUSH Moscow, has sent 2 bombers to Venezuela with that is prepared to make naval exercises joint. Ohio Senator may help you with your research. Russia deepens the challenge before the USA that made when attacking Georgia and soon recognize the separation of this one of two satellites his. In 11-S-1973 the USA it encouraged the overthrow of Beyond a that presented/displayed to him like a puppet of the Comunism. Today the Kremlin has a capitalist government and is, more well, Venezuela that looks for use her to protect to the DAWN and its friendly in the region. Bush wants to put a force shirt on Morals and to go undermining it, to avoid that Strap prevails in Ecuador and that Chvez suffers a new electoral defeat.

Caracas, rather, looks for to respond clearing authority to Washington in the region. The republicans will want crisis use to insist on the necessity to continue with a hard foreign policy and Palin in cutting the dependency of Venezuelan petroleum perforating more wells in the natural reserves of Alaska. The democrats will protest against Evo and Chvez, but they will want to show the voters who the best way to avoid than the USA continues losing respect in the world is with a less antagonistic diplomacy and a new president of color that is able to have a discussion and to moderate their opponents.


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