Engagement rings are special jewels made to seal a promise of union. Most carry diamonds, but all have an important value, the cost of their materials either by design or simply for its sentimental value. do you want to know and see more about them? Engagement rings are at the moment only fortune for women, even though they aren’t a step required for a compromise, are perhaps the most important gifts that can make them their boyfriends. They symbolize a coming marriage and a future of love and sometimes accompanied, for the more traditional, a party of ordered. How are No engagement rings there is a strict protocol in this regard; the habit they are rings of gold and diamonds and, preferably, more eye-catching than the wedding. Usually gold or white or yellow (rarely pink), and diamonds, white. There are jewelers who also design in Platinum. The most typical design is the solo or stone set engagement ring ring.

Is often preferred in recent times Let this be white gold and more carats better. Another classic option is an alliance with same bright where the unique and outgoing piece by rows of several embedded smaller shall be replaced. On the other hand, according to jewelry that usually have the future wife, the ring can be simply special and more expensive than what she normally carry. Meaning of the diamond ring to compromise the high value of the gem (which today can be a bracelet or earrings) means since the middle ages the pretender railway intends to carry out liaison with the Lady. It is the sign of a pre-contract. In fact, the first known such silver ring was iron and already wore a diamond.

Maximiliano de Austria gave it to Maria de Burgundy. This ring with diamonds is put on the ring finger and as the country takes in one hand or the other. It is this finger because in it there is a vein that goes to the heart. The chosen stone is not casual, but is reminder of love and purity and of the indestructible like the Crystal in question. In fact the etymological origin of the diamond, adamas, reaffirms it: in latin means invincible. In Spain and Latin American countries he wears in his left hand, however in Catalonia is in the right and in other places as in Germany goes to the right hand after a wedding has been.

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