Due to introduction of new technologies and managemental processes, the people need to adapt to these new chances and risks that the globalization offers in them. Amazon: the source for more info. is in these new chances that enterprising they search to create a great business. Many people if complain of the creativity lack, that never has good ideas, that they work very and they are not recognized, making comfortable themselves and accepting this fact as normal. The success entrepreneurs they are different: they are always behind new ideas of business and true chances of market, being intent to that it occurs in return of them. (DORNELAS, 2005, P. 58) a way of if tracing new ways in search of a business chance, are to base themselves on the market trends, that is, to look for to identify new chances in branches that tend to grow the economic scene in accordance with, with the analysis of the competition, to still identify to some lack in the market and/or in accordance with the necessities of the society. A segment in constant growth is the retail one, that he is one of the biggest employers of the country.

In this segment high number of negotiations happens, being distinguished deals retail in the cities of the interior. The economic stability brought by the last governments can be attributed to this growth and the inclusion of more devoid layers of the society, with the adoption of the politics of social benefits for the current government. Although in Brazil still if it pays the biggest real tax of interests of world, had expressive reduction in the tax of interests, making possible the growth of the consumption. 3 Another point of prominence is the search for the Brazilians of professional qualification, to take care of a requirement of the market, that each time more search to contract more able people. The performance of entities as the SEBRAE and the study of business-oriented Empreendedorismo and Plano in the half academic also is contributing so that the number of bankruptcies of new companies is each lesser time..


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