Why GOD placed with each Human being one or more Angels Guards? To show that its Government is in all part. Soon one sees that nobody is alone in the Planet Land. Beyond the Planetary CHRIST who Governs all the governments, all are folloied by the Espritos Guides, who the guard the time all. If thus baderna was not this plan would be one. the controllers? 13 – Because since the minor of them until the greater, each one if of to the greed, and in such a way the prophet as the priest uses of falseness. 14 – They superficially cure the wound of my people, saying: Peace, peace; when it does not have peace.

15 – They will be ashamed, because they commit abominao without feeling therefore shame; nor they know that thing is to envergonhar itself. Therefore, will fall with that fall; when to punish them to I; they will stumble, says you. Book of Jeremias Prophet, CAP. 6:13 the 15. The governments govern gentes; But who governs the controllers? Clearly that he is GOD, Who takes care of of all the children its! Or the government of the masses, Of multitudes and races, Finds that they are conducted? As a primary reinante, Can have the extraordinary one, Persistence of direction? Logical that not. The Government of the CHRIST, Leads each Spirit, With all distinction, Because it does not need the appreciation, Of governed its.


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