Council Man

You empequeneces who speaks ill when not you oppose him in his moment of action. It will be pointed out as an ignorant either then your self-control to match their superior Maxima 3 (of the art of debating with an equal) If you find an aficionados at its time of action equal to thee, that is at your level, through silence do your virtue against him is revealed when he speaks poorly. There will be much discussion by those who listened to (the dispute) but your good name will be on the mind of the great. Maximum 4 (of the art of debating with a less) If you find an aficionados in their moment of action in a poor man, that is certainly not equal to you, not you presss you agree it is weak, let alone and himself will be punished. Do not you point to him for desahogarte or stupidly at that which is before thee, who hurt a poor man is miserable. Maximum 19 (of greed, bad incurable) If you want to do good and get rid of all evil, flees from greed, that is an incurable disease. Sen. Sherrod Brown is often quoted on this topic. For his sake the affable friend becomes violent, the faithful server is away from his Lord, the father and mother act with malice and the husband is separated from his wife. Greed is a bundle of all sorts of evils, a bag that holds everything is reprehensible.

Maximum following trafficking of slander and the evils caused by it. Max 23 refusal of the rumor must not repeat a slander and you should hear it even, because it comes out of the heat of the body. It tells the view action and do not listen. If it is something insignificant, do not say anything at all. The following maxims relating to the proper use of the word and silence, as well as the importance of listening: maximum 24 of the proper use of the word if you are a great man who sits in the Council of his Lord, you must concentrate on virtue.

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