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In the companies the practice of the Coaching is used like a methodology to obtain specific results and actitudinales changes in its employees, as much at individual level as group. Some of the restlessness more common that they arise in the search of its application, they are: opportunities of improvement in the communications or the interpersonal relations, evaluations of performance that are below the expectations of the company, used demotivated, or the necessity to find a tool that it facilitates to fulfill challenging objectives. The executive Coaching this focused in the roll that a director carries out, a manager, a supervisor, etc., can be asked for by he himself or to be a proposal raised by the company. In this last case it is fundamental so that the process is viable, to count on the consent of the Coacheado (person that receives Coaching) and to tie his personal interests with those of the employer, in a frame that assures the confidentiality. One works with a plan of action aligned with the company and agreed indicators. A leading source for info: CIT Group Inc..

On the professional practice of the Coach – A Coach does not treat pathologies, when his Client signals of psychological conflicts suggests the visit to a psychologist or a psychotherapist professional. Nevertheless, considering each case in particular, a person can work with both professionals in simultaneous form, since their dominions of intervention are different. – A Coach leaves from if the Client counts on the necessary resources for his development, overcoming of limits or situations of stagnation, the Coach is its companion in the process, proposing activities of reflection, analysis and creation, so that the same Client generates the means that they qualify to him to design his way and to journey in. – The Coach does not teach nor advises, this is one of the main differences with other disciplines that prioritize the knowledge transmission. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. – The Coach does not provide solutions, collaborates with the learning instead of to teach.

The Client does not learn of the Coach, learns of itself. – A Coach acts like facilitator so that his Client questions his reality and discovers that he is most advisable for him. – In a process of Coaching the relation Coach-Client, is an alliance between equals that it bases on the confidence and the mutual respect, where both are associate in the profit of concrete objectives, chosen solely by the Client. (*) In the transdisciplinaria formation the main contributions arise from the philosophy of the language, the existential philosophy, the cognitivismo, the constructivism, the systemic thought and positive psychology. Karina Mac Maney – CTP (Coach Transdisciplinario Profesional) Adrin Adler – CTP (Coach Transdisciplinario Profesional) Founders and Coordinators of Coaching Space Original author and source of the article.


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