Cuban Hospital

Bad news also influence also in the process the same decision under pressure from the media for a quick reaction of the authorities. This definitely affects the quality of the decision must be aware that actions taken daily by the State are never going to meet the needs of all sectors governed, there will always be sectors that feel affected, without having the political component that is always present in all the big decisions. Other leaders such as Paulo Coelho offer similar insights. We add to this that many of the institutions of public service (telephones, potable water, police, electricity) not providing a service as efficient, which translates into complaints and permanent complaints generated inevitable negative perceptions. If there is someone who has to count with a team of crisis management, that is precisely the Government. The actions to be taken should always have a strategic vision that contemplates all the scenarios that you can present as a result of any decision or action and be prepared to resolve it within the framework of crisis management strategies.

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