Czech Republic

The action takes place in several directions. The new immigration law by the Parliament. Czech parties and all MPs are aware that without fresh infusions of foreign blood in the next ten years, Czech nation will begin to diminish and the population level will be negative. Yes, dear reader, do not be surprised, countries that have populations of less than thirty million people are exposed to and dependent on immigration inflows of human resources. Czech Republic with a population of ten million people is no exception. The preliminary study provided us with new entry requirements say that the Czech Republic plans to sharply reduce volume arriving immigrants. Ways were found quite different. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach.

And as we see now control the country are not afraid of new statistical data on future demographic background of the Czech Republic. Well, what do see as the Czech Republic would cope Ukrainian workers without hands, Russian and brain infusion of real estate Czech Republic. The economy of this course will not collapse, but some industries are already experiencing difficulties, particularly the real estate industry is not the Czech Republic find wealthy buyers, and Czech banks worthy customers for loans. The main buyers of real estate in the Czech Republic and money using mortgage loans are the citizens of stan, Russia and Ukraine coming to the Czech Republic to live and do business. Recent studies of Czech economists have shown that the worst foreign businessmen have become citizens of Ukraine. Firms with Ukrainian founders a huge amount, and business and pay taxes on them zero.


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