Democratic Alliance

Complete freedom which was given financial markets has the same market a disservice. Corporations too much attention to low-cost credits and have not noticed, when passed the point of no return. Cheap credit will no longer be predicted economists. And this prediction at the very near future. There will be no borrowing of money – will continue bankruptcy of companies. Someone die, someone will save the state, which has become a full participant in economic processes. In all sectors, there will be semi-public companies, where the authorities will inevitably be interfere with private capital.

Who has more arguments, a rhetorical question. In the next couple of years, developing countries will get the most, experts predict – capital flight, currency devaluation, high inflation is already being felt. But perhaps the current weakness – it is a step toward world domination. What will the world by 2020? There are four scenario. The script first.

Moderately pessimistic. World divided into three sections: shopping Democratic Alliance led by the U.S., Eurozone and Eastern international economic community, led by China. The real strength – for the East. United States – in isolation. The dollar and the euro – is no longer reserve currency. The only coherent thread between the states is tourism, and energy supplies. Hence, the key theme will be energy security. That this will happen to Russia – the report did not specify. Scenario Two. Moderately optimistic. Developed Western countries still figure out how to reform the financial system so as to prevent the global crisis.

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