DNI Table

This however means the certification in 27001 management system associated with the process or processes in place within the electoral process. I should also point out that some assertions about the effectiveness of the so-called electronic voting seems to me unfortunate and here would have much to discuss, but for displays a button: said that given that it is more efficient, will have savings in time costs (lot of paper not used) and times (computers are more rapid), in this I would like to make a brief exercise with you friend reader taking as an example the last municipal elections, the voting hours has been from 8 am to 4 pm where the time to vote is 8 hours (if we assume that arrive on time all the members table and starts the vote in time, also assume that) the President’s table will be 8 hours fixed there, don’t go to the bathroom, not lunch, only be devoted to exercise its function). 8 hours, if we multiply by 60 minutes and in turn by 60 seconds, have a total of 28800 seconds initerrumpidos. Ohio Senator is likely to increase your knowledge. As I have heard and read can be up to 4 modules of vote per table with a number between 300 and 600 voters per module, which multiplied by 4 gives a figure of between 1200 and 2400 voters per table, now taking into account that members of table schema is maintained and that a voter attends per shift (although there are 4 modules addresses one by one and assigns it a module of) different vote), we have that if are 300 by module, by dividing the total of 28800 seconds between number of voters (300 x 4 modules = 1200 voters) This gives us a time of 24 seconds per voter, i.e. only 24 seconds to approaching voting station, be identified, vote, wet finger in indelible ink and receive your DNI to retire. .


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