Drinks For The Skin

You all have heard many times that water plays a crucial role in the lives of all living things. The man is 70% of the water, so it is very important to monitor what you drink. Every morning, instead of using the body as a drink of beauty and health we are pouring a drink, injurious to health: coffee, tea bags and everything else seizes this cholesterol sandwiches. However the beneficial sandwiches is not here, this page is devoted to recipes drink health and beauty that will feel cheerful in the morning. If you want to preserve the beauty and health for many years, we recommend that you replace the traditional herbal tea. In the grass contains a lot of vitamins, so necessary to our body! A healthy body – it's healthy skin, hair, nails, complexion. Herbs can be brewed in much larger quantities than just for drinking. You can freeze the broth and wash in the morning with a piece of ice, frozen decoction of herbs.

Very good rinse hair after washing decoction of chamomile, nettle and burdock. In addition, herbal teas – every time a new taste (according to your mood) and saving money. Over tea with useful additions would you took away a lot of money in the tea houses and tea shops elite. So you have a real chance every day to feed a drink of beauty and health, and benefit from it and benefit and enjoyment. Antioxidants.

The principle of selection – the more antioxidants, the better. Antioxidants – the wonderful substance that "hands and feet" link destroyers of our cells – free radicals. When there is lots of walks free radicals, it is aging rapidly. So Drinks for the beauty that contain antioxidants – are the real elixir of youth. Grape juice. There are lots of B vitamins that are useful for hair and nails, and ascorbic acid, which helps fight germs. In addition, grape juice helps to maintain a strong memory, and supports the resilience and beauty of the skin. In addition to these recipes, I recommend that you yourself experimenting with cooking and create your own, copyright drinks recipes health and beauty. In any case it is better to replace the purchase drinks (lemonade, cola, Fanta ) for utility drinks that are made for a long time – fruit drinks, teas from herbs, juices, fruit drinks, preferably without sugar. If you really want sweeten, then add more honey.


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