Environmental Disaster Risk Perception

The City is located in valley of the Mountain range of the Sea which is vulnerable you the natural one you process of denudation, given the climatic, natural geological, geomorphologic and human occupation increase the risk of occurrence of disasters such floods and mass movements. The City of Jaragua of the South state of emergency declared on November 20, 2008, and subsequently state of emergency on 14 December of that to year. Already in 2011, precisely in January and council February the went on alert, with risks of floods and landslides. Keywords: Jaragua of the South, Environmental Perception, Interpretation, Environmental Valuation, Environmental Disaster Risk Perception, distinguishes to weather event 1 – INTRODUCTION the physical expansion of the cities on previously agricultural environments and the change in the dynamics of use and occupation of the ground, for times, leaves a scene marked for conflicts, they are these of legal order, or happened of the different vises, experiences and meanings attributed to one same landscape, it becomes what it only for interprets that it. Inserted in this context of transformations the city of Jaragu of the South is the objective of studies of this present monograph, which has intudo to analyze, the perception of the local population front to the climatic ambient disasters, occurred mainly in it I finish trimester of 2008, and appealing in January of 2011, however with lesser intensity. The city of Jaragu of the South is the third industrial polar region of the state of Santa Catarina, that has Joinville Blumenau as the first one and according to industrial polar region, in the tourist aspect the city is located in ' ' Europeu&#039 valley; ' , that it includes the cities, of the German and Italian settling. With a privileged localization the city of Jaragu of the South (Figure 1), got a great growth, economic and population, however the city was not prepared for an urban territorial expansion, if expanding then in areas of great ambient vulnerability, as hillsides of mounts, areas of lowered that floodings are inclined, that is, areas that already are vulnerable of course without the intervention human being, being aggravated with the antrpica occupation, whom it propitiates beyond the aggravation of this vulnerability, the risk of natural and human ambient disaster, placing its imminent population at risk.


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