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The AEDAPI applauds the taxation model approved by the Council of Ministers the AEDAPI gives the congratulations to the regulatory body after learning that tribute type will be set mostly on net income, the most consistent way encumber this sector the sector welcomes increased protagonism of the autonomous communities in the process of regulation and in its later development the Association believes that there is still much work to do and many points by defining Madrid, February 14, 2011 La AEDAPI has known the content of the bill approved last Friday 4 February by the Council of Ministers and congratulates the Executive for the work done during this process. The Government has taken note of the recommendations made by the online sector, user associations, the face-to-face game companies and Internet experts, and has taken an important step to define a competitive legal framework. A tax rate of 25% on net income is set in typologies most in Bill consulted today by the Association of betting, except horse bets and in totalizator betting. The decision to apply a tax on net income is positive because it facilitates the creation of a win-win digital law. However, the industry warns that the fixed tax rate, although correct in its form, is one of the highest in Europe. Specifically, pricing is set in a 15% on net income in United Kingdom and, without going any further, in the community of Madrid type is 10% on net income, which demonstrates that a high tax has been applied in comparison with other places.

On the other hand, the AEDAPI is satisfied with the greater role that have passed comply with the autonomous communities in accordance with the approved document. This is because the relationship between operators and communities is narrow, and the contribution of these is essential to creating a positive legal framework. The AEDAPI is aware of the step forward that has been given, but considers that there is still much work to do and many points to be defined in the future regulation. The Association stands ready to collaborate, such as fact until now, to get a legal framework of the game online in Spain of success for all. It is not only a great opportunity for European online gaming companies who allow legalizing their situation in Spain and create wealth, pay taxes, create jobs and invest in media and sponsorships, is also an opportunity for the Spanish game operators who will have the opportunity to grow through the Internet channel, says Sacha MichaudPresident of the AEDAPI. About the AEDAPI La Asociacion Espanola de bettors by Internet (AEDAPI) is an institution independent and non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote a positive regulation that allows to develop a market liberalized and open sports betting over the Internet without borders and with free competition.


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