Flooring Features

To date, there is a huge variety of flooring, the room definitely becoming more comfortable with choosing the best. For Paul to look flawless and aesthetically, it is necessary to be an expert on laying of floor coverings. After all, sex is a factor in determining the originality of the premise. Flooring – a lengthy process that requires experience, skill and care. It is several stages, one of which "SCREED. Screed floor – this is the alignment of the floor.

Naturally you want to lay perfectly flat floor, but in this case, the result would justify. Quality of ties determines quality of future sex, so for high-quality ties use a special mixture that is cast on the floor evenly. Due to the complicated structure (a large percentage of water), the mixture should dry thoroughly, in To avoid problems in the future. The duration of drying depends on the "weather" in the room. Average length – 40 50 days. Widespread popularity in recent years, has received screed titled "self-leveling floor, its advantages consist in a fast drying (about 15 days) and small thickness. Whatever screed you choose, great attention should be paid to its application as a quality headband will give you a perfect floor.

Then stacked sheets of plywood. They play the role of protecting the floor covering, ie, when leakage or high humidity, flooring will not be deformed. At this stage, you must be extremely careful. The thickness of the plywood is very important. As Typically, the thickness of veneer is from 10 to 18-20 millimeters.


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