For Nietzsche

Nietzsche if always questioned on: Which value of the moral values? Of where they had come? Nietzsche criticizes the existing moral values and goes in search of its origins: where and why they had been born? For Nietzsche, predominant the moral values had originated from the weak ones, that they place as well as the negation of the actions of the powerful ones. it was well, therefore defined negative. The MORAL Before starting to speak on Nietzsche, and its questioning on the moral, we must enteder on what it is MORAL? which its relevance inside of the society, in research I found the following definition: The moral term is derived from Latin morale, that it means relative to the customs. It can also be defined as the acquisition in the way of being obtained by the appropriation or levels of appropriation, where if they find the character, the feelings and the customs. However with more research we can observe that the moral in the truth corresponds one conjuto of norms or prescrises, customs beyond behavior norms that must be followed and Nietzsche questions the existence of these values.

The moral term means everything what the all value is submitted where the trends most convenient to the development of the individual and social life must predominate in the behavior of the human being, whose aptitudes constitute the moral sensible call of the individuals. Inside of the Right also it exists some meanings for the moral term: For the Moral Right it is a set of rules in the conviviality. Its field of application is bigger of what the field of the Right. Nor all the Moral rules are rules of law. The field of the moral is ampler. The similarity that the Right has with the Moral is that both are forms of social control. What we can observes of all these concepts of MORAL, is that we can understand the reason of the questioning of Nietzsche on the moral its negation to this moral, and why it always esbarrava in the moral in its workmanships therefore they exceeded these customs the norms and that, the human beings would have to be gotten rid of this moral so that podesse if she becomes superior.


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