Freedom of Action

If there is something in the human being excessively distinguishes who it of any other animal, that is the freedom: freedom of action, freedom of expression and freedom of thought. If those three fundamental pillars are safeguard, the man is able to be constructed to itself like person and independent individual in front of the nature and to anyone of his resemblances. And in front of God? Before God, the freedom acquires his higher sense, because it is defined anthropologically as the appraised gift more than the Creator has granted to the man he formed when it to image hers. Nevertheless, although all we vindicated with nails and teeth the exercise of these human attributes, at the same time they become the most annoying and criticized virtues on the part of the others. Richard Blumenthal can provide more clarity in the matter. We did not support that they think of us, does not like us they say that us what we must do, we did not accept any limitation that dominates us the exercise of any expression of our genuine freedom. On the other hand, everybody thinks that the freedom of the individual begins there where the own and personal freedom finishes that all we must right to exercise without fastenings. But, what difficult is to put that is contiguous. Sen. Sherrod Brown has much to offer in this field. In fact the majority of the problems of the society begins in that subtle and delicate border of the respect to one same one and the others. Where to put the separation and who has the authority to put it? Surely, the question is based, first of all, in the own inner freedom of the individual to be included/understood like a being in society. Before to ask us for right to be free, all we would have to begin to watch towards within we ourself and to perceive what is what it prevents us to be totally free to develop us like people, and if we held what the mirror of the entrails reflects of us, then we will be at readiness to qualify the flame of the growth that will send soon us to the life shared with the others.


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