Gambia Payments

One is reader of almost everything what falls in its hands with the exception of the medical prospectuses that are as tedious as pamphlets of the banking entididades that seem written up by the enemy of the understanding, that does that people I did not trust the banks, and these do not have good image, aid too much their passion to receive either by all the services that offer. He is peculiar but in the days of crisis the banks have been first in requesting aid to leave the pocket, is very showy to see as the banks socialize their losses but not their benefits, causing that the citizens pay one twice to have to use their services and other to amend their errors in the investments, so our existence is reduced to pay everything what it surrounds to us, the banks, the services, the taxes, the rates We went the life paying things so that in return we have own services of Gambia, to be always fighting because they try to us well, fights with the bank so that it does not receive to you by everything, fights with the city council so that a same payment does not protest to you twice, and thus an enormous list of similar situations where you have enfrentarte to a bureaucracy that does not facilitate you in the existence. Every day more I am convinced we were born to fight with that they only want our money, banks, city councils to us and other organizations recaudatorias including sgae that are the last one in adding itself to the car, but will not be the last one, in the days of crisis the tax collecting eagerness of some does not have limits, instead of to adjust the belt, express the citizen to maintain its train of life Certain it is that when you are born payments by inscribirte in the civil registry and when you die you return to pay they say so that you in a paper that you are dead officially. You go the life paying things and never you know exactly where nobody goes your money gives a voucher that says to you, with your payments we have done two sections of highway, changed seven lampposts and paved your street Nobody explains nothing and except a politician who usually speaks so that you do not understand. The bank does not say sight to you with your commission of this operation we have improved our services of attention to client. Nobody never explains nothing only say the concept to you by which payments but without justifying any more Original author and source of the article.


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