Georgian Minister

The visit to Tehran on 20-21 January, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Georgia Grigol Vashadze demonstrated that Iran does not let out of sight of even a seemingly hopelessly pro-American administration in Tbilisi today. Vashadze, while in Tehran, implicitly recognized the right of Iran to develop its nuclear program, and even apologized for the arrest in Georgia in 2007 Iranian citizen Hossein Ardebili and its transfer into the hands of Americans. It is true, then the Georgian Foreign Ministry denied an apology. For even more opinions, read materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown. It is understandable – it became inconvenient to the "breadwinners" in the U.S., but all the information about the visit of Georgian Minister went only through the Iranian officialdom. We are not going to find out who is cunning in this case – the semi-official Iranian and Georgian. Just understand – when the head of the Georgian Foreign Ministry in Tehran, taking on the highest level, right up to the president Ahmadinejad, when at these levels clearly brought to mind the Georgian leadership that Georgia should not become a NATO member, does this mean that Iran is not merely "advises" the Georgians to introduce Western institutions offensive Transcaucasia, and specifically warned of heavy (for Georgia) effects of even trying to turn a foothold in the Caucasus against Iran. "They (Western countries) pursue own interests, trying to expand its influence in the East. All the problems of the region can solve on their own, without making their interest in offering dubious goals of Western countries ", – said the Iranian leader.

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