German Fascism

The Liberals and the adventurers. In my opinion, the difference between the fascism of the young and the old fascism boils down to the following: that of the first (if we can use this word) was revolutionary; of parents, on the other hand, instrumental. The latter just wanted to order, the others a new order. Go back to 1932, the culminating point of this primitive fascism, the end of the decade that celebrates the primacy of Italy in the oceanic crossing. The destiny wanted that the following year reached the scene Adolf Hitler, to which Mussolini, who was seen as a teacher, will become a subject. Where fascism had to be updated or rather betray in follow-up to their ideology. This led to that so many people that they had been sincerely fascists or sympathizers, at a given moment began to hate.

It is therefore not a surprise that the contradictions result in divisions coming out the vagaries within fascism afloat. The most radical Nazi Nazis constituted an obstacle to the Alliance of interests of Hitler with great industry and those of the army. These sincere anti-capitalist revolutionaries were mainly between the SA of Ersnt Roeehm, who wanted to make a second revolution for really so be able to reform the German society. Roeehm comes to tick to Hitler of coward and traitor by surrender to the interests of big capital, which had vowed to combat. Affirming the revolution will make it with or without the. They had their SA with 2.5 million members, on 29 and 30 June 1934 SS would disappear this Socialist opposition on the night of the long knives. Also Spengler (very influential in the fascist parties) before the rise of Nazism, in principle supporter of the same, is shown, although he would change his mind, because of opportunism and contradictions of the nazi movement.

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