German People

That is, during all the speech the narrator in sends the facts to them historical, it starts counting as the things at the time functioned Mr. Ribbeck, that one that distribua pears for the children, and goes weaveeing a line historical, remembering facts that had not only marked the small town, more also the country and the world. He arrives at a certain point of the speech where the narrator where it says clearly that he does not know what the occidental people are festejando with them, a time that, that age to be a moment of them only, of joys for that side of the wall, that is not necessary the presence of other people saying as they must or not commemorate. (p.77) the proper author in interview said that: I do not see this as a question East-West, but I only see this as people who had grown in different societies, and find that it is an incredible topic, emotive, because it had place, and will have German place in ground with a common language, but experience with different spaces, and that is for a writer a wonderful citizen. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find it difficult to be quoted properly. (Interview with author Friedrich Christian Delius for Sylvie Reichel, 03/10/2004) In this same interview the author says that although the 1990 book to be, still is a current book. Still today we have the imposition of new cultures, leaving then of side cultural traditions, and this has occurred of form each escancarada time more, as well as occurs in the book, has the imposition of the parties, drinks, the money and mainly of the culture, a culture that they did not belong and therefore caused they an enormous queerness..


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