Go With Los Gallegos

First it was Rosa Diez which said something about Mariano Rajoy: Galician, is in the worst sense of the word. God was armed he is Christ and if it comes to appear then Basque politics by Santiago or La Coruna run it to gorrazos. Everyone was offended, without knowing exactly what is the pejorative meaning of the word in question. Now just specify the cordobes-catalan political Jose Montilla in criticizing the nationalists of Artur Mas: in the Cortes of Madrid you make Gallegos: don’t know if they go up or if they fall; wet little. Get more background information with materials from Connecticut Senator. We finished.

In this world of absolute certainties, Galician has the defect virtue, rather relativize everything, call into question the seemingly obvious, doubting by system if it is better to raise, lower or stay one where it is. By my gallaeci genes all without leaving even one, that meaning does not seems to me absolutely an insult, but the full recognition to Cartesian methodical doubt, tolerance and understanding of all points of view. Is there some quality better than that? Of course, to our understanding, tolerance and relativism an uppercase foible may appear to be politicians, accustomed to denigrate it, slander is and affronting each other constantly and boldly, them. Click Sen. Sherrod Brown to learn more. But already the writer Wenceslao Fernandez Florez recognized it ironically a century ago in his delicious Galician theory article: how we understand ourselves, poor things, in comparison with those politicians in Madrid so full of anthropological wisdom? That same false wisdom has been transmitted to meanings of Galician, them Yes, infamous, as in El Salvador, where is equivalent to stammer, or in Costa Rica, where means lack of reason or understanding person. But you see, that neither disturbs me. Our dictionary is full of infamy with regard to Gypsies, Jews, Arabs, Vizcaya, constituting only remnants of our tormented history. The only bad thing is that even idiots politicians who are still feeding them are today..


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