Wednesday, everything is more or less calm, politics is continuing corruption progresses in all orders of life’s inevitable and unstoppable manner, without that nobody moves a finger against it, the social prestige of politics gradually to more, there is corruption in the Government, the opposition and political charges, which will fill the pockets with the borrowed moneywhile others offenders or favor to their families. Everything less favour the common good that is for what you actually pay them, but as nobody complaining is everything always remains the same, only will protest at the bars that is not the site indicated precisely. Then everyone complains that everything is wrong but nobody does nothing to change that surrounds him, it is as if a layer of resignation had invaded our society. It seems that everything boils down to assume that we can’t change what surrounds us and limit ourselves to watching things without a fight to improve any of the political aspect of our society where the powerful once in place begins to do and Undo to your free will regardless if It is right or wrong what makes. No one will oppose the powerful, because you are always thinks that he can not fight against the established.

While we continue this way corruption continue to rampant at ease by all social strata. People continue to think that politicians are beings from another world against those who can not fight and much less change, everything will continue as before and the mass will continue to genuflexa and thinking that politicians are out of this world and not going with them, big mistake because the policy is part of our life and is everywhere. National, international, local, economic, social, policy also could follow in a long endless list that abrumaria many and does not plan to. Policy it inundates everything and marks our lives for better or for worse, although I suspect that always to bad, because many times politicians make decisions without consulting those who represent or say represent. The difference between the political and the citizen is living in different universes that do not reach to touch ever, only four years original author and source of the article.

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