What about professionals who are within the category B (2 points)? Not avanzan? Yes they progress! Progress. Advances. She is perfect. Provided are willing to submit to the same rules as those in category C (1 point) go to Civica-democratica education schools. Being a professional does not qualify them to let them know of governmental views, i.e.: political (esta being a set of pure principles which serve as the standard for the Government of a country) is for this reason that they will have to take exams to be able to have your vote qualified (by 3 points).

And then Yes, all prepared, two for any kind of civic elections; whether municipal, provincial or national order. Without an extensive list (call sheets) with names of illustrious unknowns and we understand chantas, tricksters and opportunistic than aprovechando a current electoral system by others of dark gloomy and dark don’t help anything and anyone from todos citizens of our beloved country. Do not you think that your essay or proposal, given the current circumstances by which flows through our entire society, are too many lyrical ideas?. It is true. It is not wrong in that term, since the adjective says in verses which are not epic or dramatic, and works in that the poet sings her own affections and ideas.

And there lies the key to the qualified vote. In the wonderful world of the affections (towards our fellow citizens) and precious universe of ideas. In total, freedom, fair minded, fine thoughts and imaginations brillantes. We should (and can) be aware. That by our natural feelings, by the intelligence and the Studio acquired the good and evil, of just and the unjust, the good that we do and the bad that we must flee, which is usually called conscience. Well, in all its expression man has need to know, reasoning and judge tambien.

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