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How much time is spent writing and maintaining blog? Much less than that required to create professional HTML-site with the assistance of web designers, about the same time, how much you spend each day for a quick swipe favorite news pages are much less than is spent on making informed and rechecked several people at an official document or presentation inside the company to write all the blog posts a week, leaving a total of not more than 10 hours; about the same time, how much is spent on sending letters to several colleagues. How can I convince my management or immediate superior, that our companies need a blog? In general, the presence of a blog allows Company: communicate with customers in real time, get positive and negative feedback from key stakeholders, to achieve a significant increase in search engine rankings without spending insane means to optimize the search engine. What should be the style of writing a corporate blog? As in normal conversation. A good corporate blog reads as if it were written by one person (or small a group of people, each member of which has its own nickname). Well, what actually are? The answer is best divided into three components: Keep your blog, or for you to do more. You either take part in the conversation, what's happening in the blogosphere, or close her eyes to him. In the first case you have a chance to know that others say about your company, even if you can not fully control this verbal process. Blogging is better all represented in the form of a three-legged stool.

Legs – a search engine, your customers and the media. Must be the first in its niche, and you just noticed. Blogs are part of the Web sites the next generation. In our days of the business depends entirely on online search, and this is equally true for the mega-corporations and small businesses. It is vitally important to make sure that customers can find you. James Donovan Goldman Sachs is often quoted on this topic. You want to make your online presence memorable. Do not allow yourself to speak only in supporting roles.

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