Hugo Chavez

In Guayaquil, for its part, the opposition victory was tenuous. This makes Rafael Correa does not have an enemy so strong is that Evo Morales has to confront the autonomist Santa Cruz, who manages to drag it in part 5 of the 9 departments of Bolivia. The movement in Guayaquil Nebot, while stoking regionalism and local flag has no federalist or separatist elements have grown within a call a Nation Cambaa in eastern Bolivia. Moreover, the margin of victory for Correa is 8 points lower than it had its a maestroa Hugo Chavez when he debuted in the Venezuelan presidency in 1999. In the referendum that approved the Bolivarian Constitution of December 15, 1999 the Yes won 71.78% of the counted votes (3,301,475 votes) against 1,298,105 for the No. Certainly in the Ecuadorian referendum three out of four defrayed enrolled while in Venezuela the abstention was 55.63% (6,041,743 people). a A paradox is that right, but lost in the referendum won in Guayaquil Jaime Nebot thus has been some, although adjusted triumph. While Correa claimed it for him, Nebot can also mean that he has received a yes for wanting to lead the opposition ecuatoriana.a The Venezuelan opposition take long to find a leader who unifies and Bolivia is not yet. Correa came to power just wants Nebot assume that role. Who is the mayor of the largest city in Ecuador since 2000 figure is also the most important electoral Latin American Social Christianity, a stream that always used to have a president in any country in the region and has just failed to maintain it.

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