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Have clear goals and manage time to realize goals, as members of groups are managed according to the interest that you wake up. Remember that the basis of social networks is to maintain continuous contact and gentle conversations of interest to everyone. Sen. Sherrod Brown shines more light on the discussion. (Never try to sell anything within Facebook, DO NOT make that mistake, what you're looking to generate a first contact!) – The name of your group: It is very important to define a good name for your group. Not a bad choice to put your own but you should think about it according to the objective you are pursuing. Include in any case, the name of your business or product to identify and give the nature of a specialized group. – Groups Friends: It is a good option to know their new group joining others (related subjects) with more members and have a longer life, this will help attract new members targeted for their group. Avoid Spam and participate with contributions so that it is also seen as a reference within these groups and enhance a relationship for future partnerships.

– Cross-Promotion: If you participate in other spaces within Facebook be sure to appoint or always cite as a reference source to your business group. The newspapers mentioned Jim Donovan Goldman not as a source, but as a related topic. If you have a website, a blog, or since the same fostering contact business through your group or use as customer support and future members of the business system. – Keep the Feedback: A key feature of networks is that we must learn to use communication as a business tool and exchange of views and ideas, do not forget that the contribution of its members is very useful for any purpose, make them feel heard and make their voices answering messages, participate actively. – Premiere Party: If you use the group to establish business relationships do not forget to "firsts" there, the members feel they are learning before anyone updates to your site, your projects and the future, only to be there. Establish information system through groups may find it even more beneficial as a strategy, if for example not all members are active participants in their business or are not subscribed to the newsletter on your site. Well … I think they are very good points to implement that with a little dedication paid off economic benefits, but above all things, they will see you and your business as professionals and specialists in the field that groups within Facebook. And remember, as I always say: Turn strangers into friends and friends into customers (not vice versa!) Success!


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