Ivan Vasilyevich

Alternative predlozheniyapo address inspection Source: Website of Ivan Vasilyevich “Technical inspection involves checking the technical suitability of vehicle for safety movement in operating conditions, checking the registration data as well as verification, is not listed there, this car in the lists or offenders on the list of stolen cars. Without inspection vehicle operated prohibited law, and therefore a violation of law punishable by a fine. Technical inspection of vehicles is currently dominated by illegal, ie, without this inspection it is possible to pay the money and the illegal through a pass on passing inspection. Thus the car can be in poor condition. Owners of vehicles that pass inspection by legal means, often lose a lot of time in queue in paragraphs passing inspection. President Dmitry Medvedev has proposed a way out of this situation. He said: “I emphasize again: you have to get it out of the police and make it as simple as possible, together with maintenance and formation of a contract of motor insurance (compulsory and), which is mandatory for all “. Dmitry Medvedev also said that during the operation of the vehicle owners apply to service stations, therefore, according to the proposal, pass inspection will be issued at the conclusion of the contract OSAGO and become ‘just a fancy way’ to fix the technical state of the machine.

There is a proposal, it is quite reasonable: to refuse a police inspection and combine this with the inspection of a contract of motor insurance, when this is done just in the services’ – said president. Medvedev said at the conclusion of the agreement on compulsory motor TPL insurance will be added to ticket-fixing condition of the car. In this case, according to the President, new cars can be exempted from the mandatory inspection on the first three years of operation, the machine in age from 3 to 7 years old must undergo inspection every two years, and after 7 years – every year. ‘This is a reasonable decision at the moment, “- said Medvedev. A good idea is to link technical inspection of a contract of motor insurance (compulsory and), but a version of this implementation, which provides the President, raises some doubts that it will simplify the problem of inspection.


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