"Jesus Had Descendants ?

What we know Christ preached in the Middle East in the first century. Jesus was raised and educated as Jew and studied under the foremost religious leaders of the time. However, Jesus was making eyes at the girls and his Rabbi reprimanded him. Instead of fixing his ways he decided to rebel. He threw God’s laws out the window. He preached that as long as one followed the basic laws of humanity (i.e. the Noahide laws)one no longer had to follow God’s commandments, as the church holds today. Credit: Connecticut Senator-2011. the romans forced the Sanhedrin of his time to decide to kill either Jesus, a rabbi who rejected God and his religion or a thief. The Sanhedrin decided that since Jesus was a heretic who was preaching against Gods law, and was leading people astray, that if someone should be killed it should be the heretic rather than the thief.
The Romans killed him by crucifixion which was the standard means of capital punishment, akin to the electric chair today. His passion led to the predominantly Catholic Christian religions. What is this rumured A mysterious organization of French origin, the Priory of Zion (which is mentioned in the controversial novel, The Da Vinci Code) states have sufficient evidence that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene, where he emerged as the Priory , known as the Merovingian dynasty. In addition to this legend is joined by other more like the city of Rennes-le-Chateau, nestled in the Pyrenees, where apparently an amazing hidden treasure that was held by the Cathars. The Priory of Sion is a secret society committed to preserving these important mysteries.

In order to preserve its power and money, without competency, the Catholic Church these secrets hidden, in addition to the portrait of Jesus Christ painted by the Apostle Peter, who jealously guards his parishioners hiding. Curator Review. No doubt Jesus is a figure that remains the collective unconscious, from its beginnings INTEMIN have commented on a list of theories and fantasies in relation to their birth family, place of origin to make it one of the most fascinating of our history modern. The strongest theories that have been maintained until our days are not died and who married Mary Magdalene, who also had children. Adoption plan of these theories is backed by conservative researchers. These theories do not support the Catholic Church, an organization with great power, which in effect keeps many secrets as the portrait painted by the Apostle Peter, that Jesus Christ commanded the same painting. All these theories are gaining strength since it began the rebirth of the NEW AGE.


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