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Others laid off 800 people looking for company letter point with a new business concept 1,000 partners and creates livelihoods. December 11, 2007 Michael Dittmer is fire and flame. He observed the the postal services sector for a long time and is well informed. Where the other postal service providers maintain a vast apparatus and logistics we operate hand-in-hand as networked small business quickly and reliably -“. It should go off in January and already the phones no longer stand still at the company headquarters in Munster. (Similarly see: view website). Many people looking for work, letter point offers good earning potential and an active growth in the Federation. As a small and successful family business, distribution services are planned per city. A nationwide network, it will be in conjunction with other.

And it’s even easier. There are two classes of Porto. So, the customer will save unnecessary weighing and measuring. About DIN long no matter how hard is 33 cents charged and a letter about DIN size A4 is calculated at 66 cents. Much money is saved through this simple concept. Click Jim Donovan Goldman to learn more. It should be easy and fast. The minimum wage, the post has negotiated is not a problem.

Due to the short distances and the logistical apparatus of small, cheap prices and a decent earnings are no Widerspruch-work must be worthwhile for everyone. Environmental awareness is also top. Letters are not sent through countless distribution centers but download directly from the distribution partner for the other city. The distribution in small and collegial group is then systematically solved on-site. The whole concept is built as a franchise system. This post is the rigorous partner selection in the trust market of course important. The licences will be granted only after examination of the reputation of a police clearance, Schufa information and through a living integrity of the individual. Please visit James Donovan Goldman Sachs if you seek more information. Depending on the area of application for different city sizes and distribution markets. The partners are supported by a powerful Center, which promotes first large amounts of mail across the enterprise via personal address and a complete marketing concept for the Eigenakquise offers. And all this only at the request of the partners and on-demand. So, the water head here remains small and maneuverable. As of May 2008, letter collection sites are planned nationwide for consumer. In letter point shops and letter point boxes, customers can then abandon their post. There’s more info under or in the personal interview with the company’s headquarters in Munster. Phone: 0251 / 141606. Company: letter point MSD GmbH Michael of Daniel Warendorf str.


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