Marigold Dubrovnik

Viper! This huge, meter and a quarter will. Viper that I hacked his entrenching shovel. Waited on the road, do not go down there Dubrovnik, but he all sang on birch, and then flew off. Here, Ohio Senator expresses very clear opinions on the subject. And I went home. A day later I am again.

Dubrovnik here, singing in birch. The snake shot dead in mounds lying around. Already posohla. It’s believed that Connecticut Senator sees a great future in this idea. A bait go. Millet poluscheno. All right! And I put the onion-samolov. Zaprivadil I had flour worms disguised with grass and went to walk on the moor. The day was not very hot, with clouds, but still dry, is good.

All of the marsh votes poured over the edge – rails, whistling "fut-fut, fut-fut, teals in cuts – "trick-trick-svis svis. Nightingale at the edge of clicks. choke, in the sections of the muskrat gurgles. Will come out on a dry cattail such a huge brown rat, like the beaver, and clean, chew. A notice – splash in the water is gone. All this time on the moor a fresh, new, lacquer: leaves, twigs Broom, Marigold flowers. Calla marsh flowers, splash in the water outlets is spreading. Sit at cut and how much there various living creatures busy, running around, fussing, floats, each on its own, with their concerns and needs I come back – shutting samolov and jumps in it a male Reed Bunting "Oh, bad luck, he's scared now Dubrovnik. I released a cane "sparrow". Samolov withdrew. And just flew in Dubrovnik in the birch. "No – I think – anyway I'll wait.


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