Matos Government

Nothing that comes of the government it deserves credit. It is always good for having ' ' an eye in the mass and another one in padre.' ' Everything that is offered or pushed throat below of the people, always has something suspicious or inconfessveis interests for backwards. The Brazilian in the hand of who withholds the power, nothing more is of that a commanded mass. He could not be different, therefore a nation formed for its majority in half-illiterates, people who make of everything to burlar the existing laws and norms of convivncia in collective, that they do not know to vote and they make alone it for its obligatoriness, have more are that to accept the impositions comings from above, silenced and with the tail between the legs such and which cachorros without owner. Right now we are you give to receive plus a treacherous blow: they want to impose to this weak, uninformed one, and ingenuous (until certain point), through massive followed governmental propaganda of a new popular countersignature to the costs of our money, the elimination of a time for all of the legal transport of weapons. As we do not see a form of the government to put the hand in money of lobbyists with the withdrawal of the legal weapons of its proprietors, the only reasonable reason for this measure is to have the people of good under its guardianship.

In case that some day it is necessary to use the force, the unarmed population is more easy to be dominated. Changing in small: it has I smell the treason of the thick one. is not unusual fact. In the decade of 30 a great head politician of the sertes bahian, Horcio Queirs de Matos, suffered in the skin a treason on the part from the bahian government, in conchavo with the federal government, the same molds of what she wants yourself to make now.


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