Mohammed Ali

In Tunisia in 2011 may begin construction of resort-class "five stars". Amazing choice of location for an ambitious construction projects – the desert region of the province Tozur, located in the south. Mentoring project will be the Qatari investment company Qatari Diar. Told the executive director of the project, Mohammed Ali al-Hedf, building complex – is only one stage of a long term plan, which should bring Tunisia's tourism sector at the leading position in Africa and the Middle East. Project is supported by the Government of Tunisia. "Our main goal – to create a unique tourist destination, capable of attracting tourists from all over the planet and raise the region's economy – added Mohammed Ali al-Hedf. According to him, Tunisia is the best choice for this project because it is one of the most beautiful countries in the Arab world and to the same popular with foreigners – only in 2010 the country was visited by about 7 million tourists, many of whom are Russians. The resort complex is built over an area of 40 hectares. The territory is rich oasis of palm trees and more than 200 mi sources that provide the availability of fresh water. According to plans, the number fund complex will be more than 60 luxury rooms, SPA-salons, health and sports complexes, shops and restaurants.


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