Municipal Organic Regulation

The mayoress, CiU, assures that the norm already had been eliminated. The Court Superior of Justice of Catalunya (TSJC) has annulled one of articles of the municipal regulation of Sant Pol of Sea (Barcelona) in which was urged to write up all the documentation in Catalan. One is the final interjection of article 5,1 of the Municipal Organic Regulation, approved the 31 of 2008 July, and that was resorted by the legal cabinet of Catalan Civic Coexistence (CCC) at the request of a councilman of an independent party of Sant Pol, Enrique Abbot. In their car, the TSJC appeals to other sentences on the same subject and assures that the obligation use of one of the official languages, excluding the possible use from the other language also official, ” they do not respect the principle of cooficialidad” had in article 3 the Constitution. ” A thing is that the Catalan is the language of normal use of the public administrations, as far as own language of Catalonia, and another different one that ” totally excludes the use from the other coofficial language; , it says the sentence.

The sentence can be resorted before the Supreme Court within 10 days. The mayoress of Sant de Pol of Sea, Neat Montserrat (CiU), has explained that article 5,1 of the municipal regulation on the use prrente of the Catalan was suppressed by the plenary session the 29 of July. Neat it has explained that the plenary session of the past 29 of July, in the first plenary session of the new local government, remembered the suppression article 5,1 of the regulation, that had been approved by the town hall the 31 of July of the 2008, and according to which all the municipal documentation had to be written up only in Catalan. Source of the news: The TSJC prohibits to Sant Pol of Sea that the Catalan is unique language of their city council.


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