National Council

We repeat the State Peruvian does not exist a rule of law, and the institutions tutelary they have not spoken, not great writers have spoken out, which shows that he is committing the crime of conspiracy to commit a crime, in which all the Deans of the colleges of lawyers are involved. In any case the main problem is that the directors of the National Council of the judiciary are not elected properly, why has warned that in many cases the applicants have more preparation that bothers those indicated and this them therefore is clear that you will not let them win contests, even to avoid to win contests nonexistent rules apply, or it is true regulation not published it for fear to be bad or said in rude terms for fear of ridicule. This issue has generated such a problem that even the former President of the Supreme Court has incurred in the indicated error and thus has generated a series of problems under Peruvian law, which is causing a number of problems in the judiciary, saying it in simple words what happens is that you don’t know even the basics of lawby anyone you can require the employment relationship to continue to force or against their will, in any case is clear that there are some hidden interests that are petty and that apparently intended to do what they did with the old sages who burned them alive so they can learn that not had to learn, which already became fashionable and all case it is clear that this can not be done by the political Constitution Peruvian, by that enshrines the right to physical integrity, however, it is possible that happens by Peruvian law not there in a State of law, because the powers are unlimited, allows not which is generating a series of problems that don’t the constitutionalists and the Sub-Committee studyHowever, they boast of knowing and mastering the right because they have much experience, which causes discomfort when it is not accompanied by legal production proper, as it is by the way the publication of a labor law and Constitutional Treaty, but without applying the dogmatic method, but others, among them we can mention the comparative and the functionalistwhich would create law, i.

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