National Research Council

The new vision of the world seeks the totality, where all are immersed and are part of the whole and where fragmentation is not accepted or as Laughlin says the new vision is unfolding us. We also have a great respect for nature, since it is an extension of ourselves would live in a better planet and for this we need an education that is based on the truths of the perennial philosophy. The following dialog is on the subject of: Science and spirituality submitted by David Peat (doctorate in physics. Researcher of the National Research Council, Canada and the Birbeck College, University of London). To understand the mechanistic paradigm to the holistic paradigm shift David Peat mentions that synchronicity is the key point. Synchronicity made to match the inner world and the material world. Also Peat says that what interests him is the spirit-matter relationship, this circular relationship where it seems that the spirit leaves the matter to re-enter again to matter and the rebirth of the world; It seems to me that it is a very deep topic that mentions Peat because it is integrating spirituality with science, since spirituality is also a science.

The new science must be aware, have love, compassion, which concerned the spiritual themes, who are interested in ecology. Edward T. Clark (Ph.d. in education. A founding member of the Global Alliance for the education transformation GATE) converses with Dr. Gallegos theme to embrace the Vision.

The change in societies is clear, Since he speaks of a new paradigm, a new education, sustainable development and social transformation, political and economic, but also speaks of changes in structures and of ourselves. You must also change our view of the world and redesign new structures. Clark believes that bureaucratic centralized structures should disappear and that must remain the structures of network, which does not power on each other, on the contrary implies power distributed, i.e., go from the centralized to the decentralized.


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