National System

According to the plan's oldest Biosphere Reserve is divided into two parts: 18.000 acres located in the Voronezh region and 13,000 in the Lipetsk region. Therefore, defending the land environmental services of the two regions. Ministry of Environment asked Russia on this issue in the Attorney General's Office, there to give a legal assessment to this document and the current governor of this part. In the Ministry of Natural Resources noted that the decision may cancel itself Governor. Or it may be withdrawn in the judicial order, or by himself in protest of the prosecutor's office.

Note that now all the reserves of Russia – it is Federal property, to dispose of it only the government can. At the slightest change in status will be affected at all nature reserves in Russia. Today, their 101. But even with such numbers, the map of Russia, they look like a small point … In Russia, had accumulated more than 2 billion tons of toxic waste in Friday on the official website of Rospotrebnadzor was released FTP 'National System of Chemical and Biological Safety of Russia "for 2009-2013. Main figure, voiced in the paper, it looks daunting: two billion tonnes of toxic waste accumulated in Russia at present. And, unfortunately, cost-effective technical solutions to recycling and disposal are not yet available. Hazardous waste treatment technologies are often based on method of thermal degradation, which is associated with the use of additional air pollution. Particular danger of environmental pollution are waste electroplating, as well as waste containing mercury and hlororganiku.

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