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The research conducted here is based on the ideas of authors such Sound (2000) WOLF (2003), ATTUCH (1998) HOHLFELDT (2008) among others. In the first to chapter introduce the concept of news in the view of adds authors cited above, expose the concept of agenda-setting and Newsmaking. The second to chapter discusses the rolls of the image within the journalistic context and presenting the way in which news is presented on television.

In the third to chapter I have the practical application of theories you my objects of research using material recorded from the two news. Keywords: News, theories and news. INTRODUCTION the telejornalismo is part of the apparatuses used for the TV to spread out images, you speak whose intention is to take information and knowledge to individuals, constituting what if it can call miditico informative sort and if it has strengthenn to produce information are the one that price will be. An uncertainty that folloied always me during the accomplishment of the journalism course was to know if the medias pautam the society, making with that the quarrels proposals for regimes miditicos widely are debated; or if the society guideline the medias, supplying to them it raw material the construction of the notice and feeding them with facts and events of the daily life, that daily fills sets of ten of periodical pages precious printed matters and spaces in the grating of programming of the TV senders. In this direction, apparent and simple questions came and still they come to tona, for example: why the telejornais propagate almost always the same notice? Why the notice, depending on what it happens, always turn around a fact of bigger relevance.


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