Party Alliance

The rest of his chained dissertation does not deserve additional comments, as it is the same chatter from usual, with its threats and its challenges and its jokes in bad taste. What has been pathetically in evidence is that the country has no spine. There is no still a connection osteofibrocartilaginosa articulated and resistant, strong and flexible, extended enough to unite the regions in joint actions and a common strategy. Final appeasement will be things for hours and then the candidates for Deputies may make full use of the stage. The project of a sensitive backbone of the Republic has been there, exposed, waiting that the best Venezuelan intelligence who lives in the province – decides to take on the challenge of driving and the frame a replacement of the deteriorated Caracas leadership. When I say Caracas referring to that old-fashioned concept of national direction that parties of losing democracy in the 20th century have practiced and still practice and a province that awaits them with the latest instructions.

When I say Caracas referring to this monopoly of decision making which apparently gives living in the capital. When I say Caracas referring to a kind of syncretism in relation to power. Power is where is exercised and the province must learn to exercise it. Now we are witnessing this dramatic week rales. Let memory and see how the savage attacks against the Catholic University were also practiced in the penultimate drama and as students reduced their presence to the Metro and some traffic lights. Let us remember the use that the regime gives their bands armed. This seems a redefining of the well-known libretto. The consequences of her interpretation are too clear in our memory as to forget them.

Meanwhile the Alliance of parties called the Bureau Announces for the announcement of the sites where will make primary to choose candidates within a few days. This means that the candidates where there is no need of primaries are ready. In final words, the democratic path Party Alliance has charted continues her course while the country shudders against everything that will come in the months remaining before September. Then the conditions will not be only election, shall total breakdown in the already low life of a country.

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