Perogrullo Question

I have been forced to participate in what is happening in my country even though I am one immigrant, I also want to hear my honest opinion. Once a friend told me that every Cuban who count with a minimum of political consciousness and love of his country is obliged to be a chronicler of the time that he lives. Source: Connecticut Senator. As a more lively Cuban with expectation and a little optimism the present times and treatment from my own experience to understand the past and present. Of course not let me ask questions, of which some have a Perogrullo response, at least from my point of view. For example, do have comrade Commander Fidel, promoted some of the changes, up to now made by his brother Raul? This question is worded this way, with every intension. First I declare total mentioned, titles and positions of Fidel ever mentioned him disagree. I understand that when he found an official act is done but not on other occasions, I smell the personality cult, or how you can say in good Cuban to widespread chicharoneria, as for example, when in each international sports or cultural event all obedient sheep dedicated his success the glorious Commander. We agree that is a personality and all that, but when repeated so much and for so many years lost direction and these words begin to sound hollow, as slogans so much I’ve had to repeat all my life in Cuba.

I think I’ve deviated a little question, I’m looking like Fidel. My discretion Fidel would not have made them ever, by I think this, because in my opinion the fact of having been so long in single power has made grow arrogance and obstinacy characteristic of this character. We try to do a little serious analysis in this regard. We could ask ourselves for example, which is one of the facets that most characterises this character? Any Cuban can answer this question easily and fast, his endless speeches.

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