Political Communication

But after a couple of months of work in any motion I watch less open optimism. And after a while those who really want change for the better side, out of the ranks of organizations. The last example, in September this year, 15 activists came from Tambov "Young Guard" ER ", disillusioned with the movement's activities. What can cause destructive policy State's youth? First of all, confessing consumer lifestyle, growing generation of passive people who do not wish to create families that do not have plans for the future. The main purpose of their lives – is the satisfaction desires at any cost.

Such people can not build a strong state. Secondly, such a policy leads to the fact that young people do not receive the vector of development, can not themselves be realized. Third, the absenteeism and large apolitical some young people will foster a generation of slaves can only go as a herd of sheep behind the leader. Do we deserve, so we have a future? Every member of society is responsible for it. We sometimes sell their voice for a couple of hundred rubles, or a piece of asphalt in front of the entrance, at the same time do not even think about the consequences of their decisions. We are afraid to object to his superiors, drive us to the meeting or the polling station for the "party authorities. " You do not even think that tomorrow, thanks to her, may be unemployed due to another "reform", accompanied by mass layoffs.

The youth selected the future, hence the state was not be. And each of us must clearly understand what is more important: the momentary gain or welfare state. You have to compare. Without an ideological framework, raising the patriots, not consumers, without the development of principles collectivism, mutual aid and social justice can not be changed for the better. It would not criticize our past, but just then was that the core ideology, which was able to unite multi-ethnic country, to threats of destruction of statehood. We were able to conquer new peaks, in all directions, we were a superpower, but that now? Will we do it tomorrow, without the development of youth and without, which is now degraded. Amazon has similar goals. Alexandrov, head of the "Youth Activity", "Institute of Social and Political Communication."


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