Political Motivation

The period of training has as objective to propitiate conditions and chances so that, as trainees, let us can construct our professional autonomy in the educative field. Thus, we had one real experience in the education process and learning, by means of activities that make possible a direct contact with the field of professional performance, subsidizing our work in classroom, giving to us it chance to investigate the reality, with sights (reverse speed) the critical construction of the knowledge. It disciplines it of Geography is important for the formation of the pupil, for favoring its familiarization with the geographic questions, identifying the actions for which the man modifies the natural space and transforms it into geographic space. It fits to the professor to transform this importance of Geography into motivation pupils to study them, therefore, the mobilization of the thought is generated by the motivation, that is, for our desires and necessities, our interests and emotions. In this direction, we present, to follow, reflections on the work that we carry through in room, to start of the planning and the effort in transforming the contents of Geography into motivation to help the pupils to give one meaning to the studied concepts and geographic processes. Using of the content of in agreement population the program of the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school and of it disciplines, we place in the paper of the education of Geography, not to adjust the individual to the way where it lives, but yes, to instrumentalizar it to develop the critical sense, allowing to the linking of the concrete real life with the analyses and information learned in classroom and with this to interact with the society which belongs (CALLAI, 2001). Transforming basic and deepened contents into daily subjects, but without leaving to run away the theoretical, basic bases for the agreement of central focus of the quarrel. .


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