Political Parties

It is of generalized recognition that the actions of the most diverse economic social and agent actors, as the governments national and local, the great corporations, and enterprising exactly individual, finish for determining modifications in the occupation standards and of territorial use and in the standards of space interaction it enters the diverse parts of a territory. These modifications nor always are the best ones for a territorial balance, for the preservation and supported use of the natural resources, notadamente you did not renew and for the adequate space distribution of the population and of its activities. A current example will be able to assist in the understanding of the problems that (so to speak) called ' ' aspects setoriais' ' , they provoke in the territory. Such problems justify the arguments for the necessity of the instances politician-partisans to be, deliberately, mobilized for the confrontation of the territorial questions (e, evidently, its consequncias). A CURRENT PROBLEM: The HIPER GROWTH OF the CITY OF MANAUS the current situation the Industrial Polar region of Manaus consolidated throughout the years, consisting a successful case of industrial development in a region with low level of growth, as the Amaznia.

But this success was folloied by urban problems, as the swell of the city of Manaus, decurrent of the extreme increase of its population, with the consequent congestion of the services, etc. However, what it is occurring, in fact? Which the origin of the urban problems that the city of Manaus comes suffering, currently? What it comes provoking the problems in the urban way of Manaus? Its replies have that to be searched, at the current moment, it are of the region. The origins Secularly, the Northeast Region of Brazil, banishes parcels from local populations for other regions. The lack of conditions of health, education and, over all, the lack of work chances, comes making that more and more contingent demographic if they direct to other areas in search of better conditions for itself and its children.


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