Sensebene, centers specializing in body aesthetics and well-being, has inaugurated a new operating unit in Spain, specifically in Madrid’s calle Rodriguez San Pedro, at the heart of Arguelles. With over 150 square meters of surface, this establishment, in front of which is Silvia Calderon Chavero, starts with a clear philosophy based on professionalism, trust, quality, impeccable customer care and innovation of equipment and new techniques. This new franchise based its business strategy on a firm commitment by the people, who along with the latest aesthetic technologies, make it possible to offer highly reliable services. My objective is to professionalize the most service to customers, that our team of technicians always has as last end the care and well-being of the person who goes to the Centre. My intention is to implement in an establishment such as ours the processes and protocols of a large company. I believe that this internal organization gives as results end a better service to the customer. This learned of the era in which I worked as a consultant in large banks, that explains Silvia.

This entrepreneur has pursued his dream of setting up a business looking for a sector booming. Despite working as a change management consultant in financial institutions always wanted to have my own business because I trained in administration and management of company. This sector seemed very attractive and the franchise gave me security that any problem that had so resolve me, confesses Silvia, after having made a detailed study of the sector and its competence. This new franchisee of Sensebene highlights reducing treatments of his Center and the importance of a professional diagnosis before the demand for cosmetic services. Our team of professionals are experts in the services that we offer, knowledge that is consolidated with the initial formation of the franchise, the most complete of the sector, and subsequent ongoing training.

In addition, much emphasis in a good diagnosis, which is key to the success of the treatments, confirms Silvia that also adds, what we want is that our customers leave satisfied of their treatments and repeated because we offer them some guarantees. Reducing treatments, cavitation, Electroporation, preassure therapy and vibrating platform are some of the specialties that provides this Center in addition to a competitive price. At our premises we prepare a personalised quote with the needs of the user with a very competitive rate. We believe that in this way the client wins confidence, is not sell treatments at close range, we are looking for a loyal and satisfied customer says the franchisee. Sensebene are centres of aesthetics, beauty and body health, possessing the best machines on the market, manufactured in Europe, approved and tested, offering latest generation electrotherapy. The initial investment is 36,500 euros, with a royalty of exploitation of 400 euros per month and one of advertising for 100 euros. If not available with all the investment, Sensebene helps in the management of negotiations with credit institutions for acquisition of loans and funds ICO.

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