Opposing the people who are against or they do not support the sort ' ' autoajuda' ' , I decided to indicate the reading of one of these books, that are intitled of do not leave pra later what you can make now, of Rita Emmett. In this book, we find examples and tips of as agent can live more and to manage our time better, preventing those delays that are gifts in our life and many times we do not perceive. By the way, this is only one of the many books that are available in the market and that they serve as support for people whom difficulty in managing its time has. Some people, mainly most intellectual, do not support to read these books and are against the reading of them, but in my agreement, and with the reflection that shot of these readings, is that agent sees much people worried in helping/to criticize the others, however, does not perceive that first we must start to autoajudar first. Who already did not read here or heard to speak of this message: ' ' Its current reality or its current life is resulted of the thoughts that you have. Everything this will go to change when you to change its thoughts and feelings. Rhonda Byrne in the Secret, obtained to spread this for millions of readers in the world. I understand that if the person to obtain to undress of these preconceptions, the text can help very.

I do not say in all the cases, but in many books of the sort, agent can obtain support and answers that many times other people do not give in them. Many times the people are with shame to display for the others its problems. Also I do not find that they can solve all the problems, even because, after the solved problem, depends very on the proper person in wanting to decide it and to accept to change that situation.


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