Renata Sena

DISEQUILIBRIUM IN THE LEARNING DUE TO ACCOMPANIMENT OF THE PARENTS. Cheap the Magalhes school presents high index of reprovao due the lack of interest of the pupils. The professors have made of everything to revert such situation, but not yet he obtained, they point as main problem the absence of the parents in the school. For Renata Sena, teacher of history in the pertaining to school public net, the difficulties of a pupil in learning or the habit to study it depends on the familiar integration with its daily one in the school. ' ' To look for to know on as it was the lesson of the day, to argue with the son on the activities extraclassroom, to verify the frequency and notes they are attitudes that would have to be more frequent of what we see acontecer' ' , the teacher laments.

According to Renata, the participation of the parents is an awareness question on the obligation that the responsible one exerts on the children. ' ' Nor it would have to be necessary that the school ordered to call the parents when the pupil presents low one in the learning. If it was a present father, would perceive the problem in casa' ' , he declares. (author) In direct debate with the parents in Cheap the Magalhes school, little concern with regard to learning of its children can be perceived, since they had assumed in collective that the responsibilities on its children while they are in the school are total of the professors. This debate generated great quarrel around the subject in question. Representatives of the Secretariat of Education, professors and the parents in general they had been gifts in this debate. Some questionings had been raised on the absence of the parents in the school, and some parents gifts had really recognized that he was very distant of the politics of development of the school and also of the process of learning of its children.


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