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So, my friends, after many experiences, desires and desperate night of insomnia you have finally reached the point where the key to the long-awaited – 'his' apartment is being developed and in your rukah.Vrode all documents decorated and lit inside and surging desire to quickly call in on their territory, but, 'do not hurry up' as well-known saying – Saahov companion, because apartment to become very intimate view, must be brought to her mind. Need to make walls, ceiling, much effort must pola.Esche make money and invest to become flat so the most desirable place to work after being asked weary soul and telo.Vazhno from the beginning to know how should follow the sequence of work otdelki.I how to work that next step was not in conflict with the work that was already a master of decoration prodelana.Sam can recommend the following plan of work: remodeling your apartment, if you think that this is necessary – Installation of new or replacement ste.Provedenie for better wiring and sewage and vodoprovoda.Styazhka and leveling the floor, had seen many times that even in the VIP home coupling was done is disgusting and crumbled under their feet. Plaster, putty, walls and potolka.Lish then, if you want you can call the designer, otherwise – if you hurry to call him before, because of differences in thickness of the plaster of his drawing come into conflict with those obtained zamerami.Dalee is priming and finishing of the ceiling, to be honest sten.Eto also a difficult and divided into three kategorii.Prostaya – the cheapest, average price, but not by kachestvu.Elitnaya – art. There is already in progress all the imagination and skill finishers, but it also requires an expensive and high-quality materiala.Ustanovka new door proemov.Otdelochnye work sanuzle.Nastilanie parquet laminate, linoleum or kovrolina.Esli will act on this plan, you can avoid soiled carpeting or scratched laminate flooring. Also, your wallpaper will survive from late of elektroprovodki.Vazhny question, who can be trusted to carry out works? Alas, the answer depends not only on your desire, but also on koshelka.1 option – you can do the work themselves with their polovinkoy.Eto economical option, but you'll need buy material supply and delivery too your silami.No importantly are you sure can do the job quality. To broaden your perception, visit Steve Rattner. .

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