The ones on which the Kremlin’s favorite in the presidential election in 2003, Kadyrov senior behind the order. Along the way, it turns out, and that neither one of them – and not just the leaders, but even the rank and file, who once opposed the separatist policy Dudayev – neither in the lists of the current executive of the republic or the deputies. Most interesting is that the leaders they were only due to what were the bearers of ideas shared by the majority of Chechen society. That is opposed to separatism. While the Kremlin’s favorite was represented by the opposite camp. In principle, the mission Khloponin at close examination, does not seem so obviously failed, as they try to present some analysts.

The new ambassador is one to rely on in their region. It is very important that he does not need to look for or create new leaders. They are quite capable, having authority to a large part of society and has proven himself in opposition to the separatists before the first Chechen war. That’s exactly it must Chechnya the fact that in the first war of 440 settlements of the republic in one way or another have been destroyed only 19. That is, were saved thousands of lives. No wonder that the separatists have declared their correspondence as “enemies of the people” and sentenced to the death penalty. That is the strategic reserve Khloponin. A rectifying the situation in Chechnya will automatically entail correcting the situation throughout the Caucasus.

Do not forget that, because of certain circumstances, the Caucasus is not suitable yardstick “depressed region in the Russian province”, which should pull up to the level of purely economic levers. First and foremost, there should work ideology. Ideology, supported and shared by the majority. Only when the carriers of this ideology will come into power and will determine the regional policy, and then earn the economic levers. In any other case, we can assume that mission impossible, and say goodbye to the Caucasus.

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