Save Costs With Extensive Press Mirrors

New newsWEB 6 press mirror creates personalized editions and it saves money Konigstein, September 7, 2011. More power, less cost. New software that provides newsWEB 6 of the press mirror specialist DatScan computer systems. Based on a new technology, the system allows the minute Fast parallel production of different press mirror issues. In addition, users benefit that the appropriate recipients are automatically selected and thus accurately provided. The copyright fees especially for extensive electronic press reviews can be significantly reduced. The automated, simultaneous production of multiple different press mirror expenditure places special demands on the hardware features on the one and the performance of the software on the other side.

‘newsWEB 6’ designed for companies and organizations that want to operate different groups of recipients with different topics with their press clippings in a very short time. The selection of the items takes the software automatically the respective preset recipient preferences, the link on “his” individual press reaches the receiver automatically generated e-mail. The custom-fit supply of the reader with relevant articles is not only differentiated tasks and topics in large companies. The delivery of the press review as the recipient-specific output saves and copyright fees. Whose amount depends on the number of recipients per article as it decreases with personalized press mirror issues. More speed through new technology DatScan offers ‘newsWEB 6’ for the first time a press mirror software in which to nurse position and production of the press review technically cannot be separated: the press is collected on the client (workstation), the server starts the production of the various press mirror issues. This client-server principle significantly shortened the production time of the press review.

A decisive advantage for organizations, the the press daily as early want to make available. More speed improvements are achieved by the explicit control of individual processors a multicore processor systems. So can be adjusted, for example, that five out of six processors of a Hexa-core processor be allocated with the production of press mirror expenditure. Overarching concept ‘newsWEB’ is the Central application in the built modular press concept ‘CLIP & WEB!’ by DatScan. Special tools for fast acquisition of articles from newspapers and E-papers, the Internet and the online database provide the PMG Presse-monitor for the data base that newsWEB uses for the output of the press review in press review PDFs, recipient-specific versions, content management systems, or on mobile devices. DatScan computer systems GmbH with headquarters in Konigstein IM Taunus is OCR solutions and press-clipping systems specialist with his almost 20 years of experience. In addition to standard products, proprietary solutions around these subject areas are offered and customized. More than 100 installations bear witness to the attractiveness of the concept and the satisfaction of our customers.

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