Thus, the love is an illusion that approaches in them to the similar opposing sex to make with that let us procreate. In this direction, he is tacit the fact of that if of to the biggest it creates it relevance of what to the partner, this occurs for the fact of that the love only served to reproduce the species, at this moment does not have more the love, but only a consideration. Therefore, concluding, the love is based on the central concept of the thought of Schopenhauer, namely: the Will. It is bigger of what ours? it is the Will of the species -, that ludibria the men to be come close themselves aiming at the procreation, that is, perpetuating our species choose the partners desiring? in way inconciente – the qualities that we desire for our children. Thus, the love is exempt of romntismo, an illusion, that is, the nature revealed in the Will to perpetuate the species is not nor a little worried about the happiness human being. Marx goes to regeitar all idealizao of the concepts. Materialist who is would affirm that the love is a by-product in the way of production in vigor that characterizes each time, that is, the love is what the production way it conditions that it is.

For Marx, the men do not have an essence that he characterizes it independent of the society where lives. In fact, the love for the conteporaneos Greeks of Scrates does not correspond to the one of the Vinks or Persas. In this direction, we have the conception of love derived from the social environment where we live and this serves for the conception of moral, art, politics and religion. Then, we saw the conception of Plato. Really when we are gotten passionate we feel lack of the loved person as it affirms the Greek thinker.


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