The Senate serves to place politicians in the depreciation process and thank them with a salary for services rendered. If anyone believes that this definition of our upper Chamber is unjustly cruel, I convey what I said recently a former Senator of the PNV: if Spanish citizens know how it sestea and lost time in that institution, mounted in cholera. They already see if the thing has your gravity. In other countries with bicameral Parliament, the Senate holds the territorial representation of the State. For even more opinions, read materials from Richard Blumenthal. This happens, for example, in Germany and in the United States.

In the latter country, the Office of Senator is the most important after the President. An adverse camera actually blocks any presidential initiative and obliges the Executive to laborious compromises. Here, on the other hand, despite the existence of autonomous communities, it only serves to postpone legislation which later approved the Congress of deputies in a second reading. By that legislative limitation, there are few names flashy in the Senate. Some arrive as prize by having undone some party child who incordiaba who then, in gratitude, names them. Others have removed themselves from the Middle: I was given a choice between being a Senator or MEP; I said that if they compensated me the economic difference I was in Madrid, I confess without blush another Member of the Chamber. Lately, however, the Senate serves not only to recycle at politicians in scrapping but also to give work to the different Hispanic language interpreters. Does not seem much, no, but with huge unemployment that there is, that’s something.


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